Project Lead Jennifer Fish’s upcoming book, Domestic Workers of the World Unite!: A Global Movement for Dignity and Human Rights (NYU Press), will be published on July 25, 2017.

Drawing on over a decade’s worth of research, plus interviews with a number of key movement leaders and domestic workers, Fish presents the compelling stories of the pioneering women who, while struggling to fight for rights in their own countries, mobilized transnationally to enact change. The book takes us to Geneva, where domestic workers organized, negotiated, and successfully received the first-ever granting of international standards for care work protections by the United Nations’ International Labour Organization. This landmark victory not only legitimizes the importance of these household laborers’ demands for respect and recognition, but also signals the need to consider human rights as a central component of workers’ rights.

Domestic Workers of the World Unite! chronicles how a group with so few resources could organize and act within the world’s most powerful international structures and give voice to the wider global plight of migrants, women, and informal workers. For anyone with a stake in international human and workers’ rights, this is a critical and inspiring model of civil society organizing.

Jennifer Fish is Chair of the Department of Women’s Studies at Old Dominion University. Her research focuses on women’s labor and migration in the informal economy, with an emphasis on societies in post-conflict transitions and transnational activism.